CPC is more than a Swimming Pool Company, we're your family's pool experts! We promise to keep your investment functioning properly for years to come. 

Summer Maintenance

We offer a multitude of maintenance services guaranteed to meet and exceed your pool needs. Contact CPC now to get a quote on summer maintenance for your swimming pool.

Service & Repairs
Opening Your Pool
Closing & Winterization
Winter Maintenace

The mechanical equipment operating your swimming pool will suffer fatigue and failure over time. We're here to monitor and service all facets of your swimming pool needs, from the pump and motor, to property filtration, and safe sanitation.

For those who keep their pools running year round, we offer winter maintenance packages. Contact us to get a quote!

Contact us to quote your pool closing and winterization. We also measure, sell, and install safety covers. We can take care of all your pool related needs.


Your pool has needs! Whether it is chemicals, safety devices, rail goods, tile, or mechanical equipment, CPC has you covered. We have accounts with the best suppliers in town and we guarantee competitive pricing and excellent service.

CPC is here to get you ready for summer! Contact us now to schedule your de-winterization and pool opening!